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The 7 Habitual Dental Emergencies

The 7 Habitual Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies fall upon us without any warning. Such dental emergencies demand immediate attention from a skilled Emergency Dentist in Apex, NC. Our Emergency Dentists, Dr. Vinay Chirnalli is well-trained to meet any emergency dental issues. Read on to gather information about the 7 most common dental emergencies. Take a look at our previous blog four mistakes to avoid when selecting an emergency dentist.

What is Dental Emergency?

Those dental problems which demand on-the-spot medical attention from a qualified dentist in order to ease significant pain, arrest bleeding or rescue a tooth can be classified as dental emergencies. Any dental infection which is life-threatening is also included.

7 Most Common Dental Emergency in Apex, NC:

  1. Fall and Other Injuries:

    After the appearance of all the adult teeth above the age of ten, tooth loss should not happen ideally. A loose tooth may occur as a consequence of fall or an accident. These two cases should get examined by an Emergency Dentist Near You.

  2. Knocked Out Tooth:

    Delicately pick up the knocked-out tooth without touching its roots. Try to put the tooth back into the original place i.e. the socket. If not, place the tooth inside a glass containing milk. This keeps the knocked out tooth moist. Rush to an Emergency Dentist Cary NC or Apex NC.

  3. Pain in Teeth:

    If the pain in the tooth is unbearable and it makes you uncomfortable, visiting an emergency dentist is advocated. If you're undergoing a severe Tooth Pain in Cary while biting the food down or due to grinding of teeth should be diagnosed immediately by an Emergency Dentist.

  4. Infection in Tooth:

    It is an indication that something is erroneous with the teeth. Infections will never vanish on their own. If you encounter any dental infection, call an Apex NC Emergency Dentist immediately.

  5. Sensitivity of Tooth:

    Extreme temperature of food items can cause extreme sensations in teeth. Be it a hot beverage or cold water. Tooth sensitivity should be examined with an Emergency Dentist Cary NC to make sure that it doesn't deteriorate.

  6. Bleeding:

    If you spot a bleeding in oral cavity, take it as an early warning sign of gingivitis or gum disease. Saliva contains traces of blood either due to an advanced stage of cancer or a worsening gum disease. Rather than speculating, get it checked by an Emergency Dentist Apex NC.

  7. Abscessed Gums:

    It is a familiar dental emergency resembling a pimple. If an abscessed gum worsens, it could result in the extraction of tooth. Refrain from popping your pimple and visit an emergency dentist to avoid complications.


In case of Tooth Pain, toothache, and other dental emergencies, avail the services of the best emergency dentist. In case you face the above dental emergencies rely on an Emergency Dentist in Apex to recover your dental health.

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