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Preventive Dentistry in Apex and Cary NC

Preventive Dentistry in Apex and Cary NC

The mouth is a window indicator of your overall health. Prevention of diseases and dental infection starts at home. But is that all enough to stay protected from dental illness? The answer is no. Dental visits are as essential as routine hygiene practices when it comes to preventing dental diseases. American Dental Association recommends that a person visit the dentist at least once in 6 months to stay protected from dental infection. Such periodic dental visits can help in identifying potential problems and take necessary steps to improve oral health. An informed patient who takes care of oral hygiene and visits a dentist twice a year may have lesser chances of getting toothache or gum problems as compared to people who ignore oral care. At Apex Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, your oral health is of paramount importance to us. Our comprehensive treatment is aimed at curing dental infection and taking steps to see that the problem does not reoccur. Visit our dental office in Apex, NC to know how we go about your preventive oral care. Our comprehensive care has allowed us to improve oral health of many patients from Apex, Cary NC and other surrounding communities.

Importance of preventive care

Dental visits have an important place in a person’s health calendar. During periodic dental visit, the dentist performs a set of important procedures to diagnose and treat problems. Early intervention can stop tooth decay, periodontal problems and orthodontic problems in the first place. The preventive steps taken during the routine visit can safeguard teeth and avoid the need for restoration procedures in the future which most often involves loss of some amount of natural tooth. With the removal of plaque and tarter from the teeth and around the gums the smile looks healthier and more attractive.

Preventive dental care – What really happens?

Your consultation will involve thorough oral examination. Our dentist checks for signs of dental infection, orthodontic problems and periodontal health. If decay is found, it is removed carefully and the tooth is restored using dental fillings. X-rays and other scanning procedures may be performed when found that a tooth is danger. This gives a better picture of the status of the tooth.

Plaque and tarter are removed from the teeth and the hygienist explains how to brush and floss to clean teeth. Patients are guided about healthy diet and practices that should be avoided to improve oral health. By informing patients, we aim to spread awareness about good oral care and its importance for a healthy living.

Make an appointment and talk to our dentist to know the best practices to improve oral health and stay protected from dental infection. Our office serves patients who visit us from Apex, Cary and surrounding communities.

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