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Toothache in Apex and Cary NC

A toothache is an emergency dental condition that requires immediate treatment. It is the body’s way of indicating a problem. There are several ways in which a toothache can occur and the treatment depends on the root cause of the problem. At our dental office, our dentist firstly takes steps to relieve patients from pain and performs thorough oral check-up to diagnose the cause of toothache. We perform teeth restoration procedures and all other types of treatments to ensure that the problem is taken care of and it does not reoccur. If you or any of your family members, living in Apex, Cary or surrounding communities, are suffering from a toothache, make an appointment and meet our family dentist.

Primary causes for toothache

As stated above, the toothache may occur due to different causes. Decay is one of the most common causes for a toothache. Apart from tooth decay, tooth abscess, fracture, gum problems and damaged restoration may sometimes lead to a toothache. In the case of tooth decay, there is pain only when caries has reached the pulp of the natural tooth. Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in the oral cavity feed on sugary foods to release acids that dissolve the tooth and form caries. If not identified and treated in time, caries can reach the pulp of the tooth and infect it. Root canal treatment may be necessary to treat an infected pulp. Tooth abscess is a condition where there is an infection at the root of the tooth or between gums and tooth.

Toothache treatment

The treatment for a toothache depends on the cause for the problem. The dentist firstly relieves patients from pain using pain medicines. The thorough diagnosis helps our dentist find the root cause for the problem. Our dentist may ask questions related to the start of the pain and the nature of the pain. Based on the findings from diagnosis, a treatment plan is set and executed.

In the case of tooth decay, the infected portion is removed and the tooth is restored. Root canal treatment may be necessary if the pulp of the tooth is infected. Dental fillings, inlays, onlays and dental crowns are used for restoring a tooth that is damaged/decayed.

In our patient's words

Dr. Chirnalli and his staff are fantastic! They are friendly and welcoming and create a very comfortable easy going atmosphere. With every visit, they take such good care of us from routine cleanings to more extensive work. I recently had a bad root canal and crown redone by Dr. Chirnalli and for the first time in 8 years that tooth is pain free. He really listens and cares about your health. I had been told by other dentists that it would just take time for the tooth to settle down or that it would have to be pulled. I'm so glad that we found Apex Smiles!" Stefanie Bracey
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I was scared of going to the new dentist just like any one else but had to find one after moving to the area. After talking to Ms. Jean at the Front Desk and then to Dr. Chirnalli casually, I felt very comfortable and did not hesitate at all getting an appointment for an initial evaluation. I am so happy that I went to Apex Smiles as they have been able to treat me well above my expectations. The ambiance of the office, friendliness of the staff and the personal touch of Dr. Chirnalli is a perfect recipe for having a dentist of your choice. I take pride in recommending Apex Smiles to everyone I come to know who is looking for one so is here on Google who is looking for no nonsense dental office." Tushar Modi
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Dr. Chirnalli is the best dentist I have ever visited. The staff at Apex Smiles are like family to me. I have had a couple dental emergencies, and called them, and they said "Just get to the office, and we will work you into the schedule." He has all of the newest technology, and he is more than willing to spend time with you.
I hate Novocaine shots !!! I will break out in a cold sweat. I broke out in a cold sweat driving to my appointment just thinking about it. Dr. Chirnalli is the first dentist that has given me shots, and it didn't hurt much. I am comfortable going to the dentist now.
Dr. Chirnalli and staff are wonderful.
I highly recommend Apex Smiles." Rob A
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I have been a patient of Dr. Chirnalli for over 4 years and I'm still very pleased. Dr. Chirnalli has done an amazing job with repairing previous worn teeth due to grinding using the latest technology and experience. Over 3 years ago Dr. Chirnalli repaired my damaged tooth and still to this day it's in great shape. His ability to color match is incredible! He truly cares and takes the time to explain things thoroughly and gives expert advice. I never feel like he's out there to take advantage of me as a patient but instead is honest and personable. I'm also very thankful for the professionalism and enjoyable personality of his hygienist Allison Maton. Allison is awesome!!!! Thank you Apex Smiles for taking care of my dental needs. " Joe Martinez
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