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Toothache in Apex and Cary NC

Toothache in Apex and Cary NC

A toothache is an emergency dental condition that requires immediate treatment. It is the body’s way of indicating a problem. There are several ways in which a toothache can occur and the treatment depends on the root cause of the problem. At our dental office, our dentist firstly takes steps to relieve patients from pain and performs thorough oral check-up to diagnose the cause of toothache. We perform teeth restoration procedures and all other types of treatments to ensure that the problem is taken care of and it does not reoccur. If you or any of your family members, living in Apex, Cary or surrounding communities, are suffering from a toothache, make an appointment and meet our family dentist.

Primary causes for toothache

As stated above, the toothache may occur due to different causes. Decay is one of the most common causes for a toothache. Apart from tooth decay, tooth abscess, fracture, gum problems and damaged restoration may sometimes lead to a toothache. In the case of tooth decay, there is pain only when caries has reached the pulp of the natural tooth. Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in the oral cavity feed on sugary foods to release acids that dissolve the tooth and form caries. If not identified and treated in time, caries can reach the pulp of the tooth and infect it. Root canal treatment may be necessary to treat an infected pulp. Tooth abscess is a condition where there is an infection at the root of the tooth or between gums and tooth.

Toothache treatment

The treatment for a toothache depends on the cause for the problem. The dentist firstly relieves patients from pain using pain medicines. The thorough diagnosis helps our dentist find the root cause for the problem. Our dentist may ask questions related to the start of the pain and the nature of the pain. Based on the findings from diagnosis, a treatment plan is set and executed.

In the case of tooth decay, the infected portion is removed and the tooth is restored. Root canal treatment may be necessary if the pulp of the tooth is infected. Dental fillings, inlays, onlays and dental crowns are used for restoring a tooth that is damaged/decayed.

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