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Dental Implants in Apex and Cary NC

Dental Implants in Apex and Cary NC

Teeth restorations have created new opportunities to improve oral health for people with missing teeth. As a functional support for biting and chewing and a cosmetic enhancement for the smile, teeth restorations continue to make a big difference in the lives of many Americans. Among all the prosthodontic replacements for lost teeth, dental implant in Apex and Cary NC has a special position because of their design and functionality. They are custom-made to integrate with the supporting bone of patients. Dental professionals are specially trained to perform dental implant surgery. The successful completion of the complex treatment procedure can ensure that implanted tooth last for the lifetime of patient. At Apex Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we take special care of patients with missing teeth. Our dental implants in Apex and Cary NC have effectively improved the oral health of many of our valuable patients from Apex, Cary and the surrounding communities of NC.

Tooth Loss and Dental Implants in Apex and Cary NC:

Statistics show that a considerable amount of total population in the United States suffers from tooth loss during the age 20-64. It is one of the major problems faced by people. The obvious effect of tooth loss is on chewing efficiency. The confidence to eat hard food substances may reduce because of teeth loss. Missing teeth can also create an imbalance in bite forces that results in shifting of nearby teeth. Not just that, the gap in the dentition caused from teeth loss can increase food lodgment around soft gum tissues. This increases the chances of dental infection. When there are several teeth missing in a row, the jawbone starts to resorb due to lack of support.

Dental Implant Treatment in Apex and Cary NC

Dental implants in Apex and Cary NC have been the most reliable teeth restorations in prosthodontics. They are basically metal posts which are designed to integrate finely with the jawbone. Dental professionals surgically place the implants in the jawbone. The patient should have sufficient jawbone to successfully hold the implant. The dentist takes X-rays and scans the oral cavity to check if there is enough bone to support the implant. Gum disease, if found, is taken care of before going ahead with treatment. Restoring a lost tooth using implant may require two visits. During the first visit the implant dentistry in Apex and Cary NC carefully torques the implant into the jawbone and leaves it to heal. The healing may take few months.

Dentist takes impressions of teeth and gets the dental crown fabricated in the lab. Crowns are made of porcelain material which makes them look very natural. The crown can be either screwed or cemented over the implant through an abutment. Once fixed in place, the Implant Dentistry in Apex and Cary NC advises patient about how to care for the restoration. With optimum care, dental implants in Apex and Cary NC can last for about two to three decades without any repair required during the term.

Are you suffering from teeth loss? Call us and talk to our implant dentistry in Apex and Cary NC about dental implants. Consultation at our Apex office may help you regain a healthy smile.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Implants in Apex and Cary NC:

Anyone who is missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth is an ideal candidate for dental implants in Apex and Cary NC. Talk to our implant dentistry for your specific needs

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