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Teeth Whitening in Apex and Cary NC

A bright smile can be a game changer for you especially when you are preparing for an upcoming event or special occasion. Tooth whitening is among the popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry since it takes less time, fewer visits to the dental office (just one visit is sufficient) and the transformation is visible immediately after the treatment. Tooth whitening is a safe process which effectively improves the esthetics of the smile. Although there are over-the-counter products for the purpose of brightening teeth, the results achieved in our dental office are comparatively better. Make an appointment and visit our practice in Apex, NC to know more about how our tooth whitening has helped improve smiles of patients from the city, Cary and surrounding communities.

How teeth get discolored?

There can be several causes why your teeth look dull. Oral hygiene plays a key role in oral health and the color of teeth. Tooth staining occurs from food habits, medication and diseases. Dark colored food/drinks such as wine, cola and coffee can stain teeth. People who use certain anti-biotics for medication can be a victim of intrinsic staining. Aging is another factor that makes the smile dull. When a person grows old, the thickness of enamel layer of teeth gets reduced. This results in the color of dentin, which is light yellow, visible through teeth surface.

Teeth whitening procedure and after care


The dentist notes down the color of teeth using a shade scale. Images of teeth are taken before and after the treatment. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used to clear stain and brighten teeth. The process starts with the application of protective gels on soft gum tissues. The whitening agents are carefully applied over front teeth and are exposed to light to accelerate the process of whitening. The process may be repeated in to get bright smile in two sittings.

It is important to follow post-operative instructions to ensure that the brightness of teeth lasts longer. The dentist may advise patients not to consume too much of dark colored fluids or food. Good oral hygiene practices and a healthy diet can ensure that the teeth remain healthy and bright.

In our patient's words

Dr. Chirnalli and his staff are the best! I had not been to the dentist for close to 20 years and was very gun-shy about going in for my initial cleaning. Allison was so patient and gentle with me, stopping every few minutes to make sure I was okay and not in any pain, taking her time and explaining everything, that it made it so much easier. Both of my kids, 3 and 5, love going there as well. My daughter begs to go there and actually does not want to leave she likes it so much. My son was a little unsure in the beginning but, again, they were extremely patient with him and did not push so he gradually overcame his fears. His last visit he let them clean his teeth and even got fluoride painted on! I cannot recommend them enough for any age." kristin frank
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I am very please with the Doctor Chirnalli and his office staff. They are very professional. We particularly like when they call us when they have cancellations and we have not made any previous arrangements. We love the 8am appointments too." Edwin Gutierrez
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Dr. Chirnalli and his staff are so patient and friendly. He is the most personable dentist I have ever been to. My nine-year-old daughter recently had her first cavity ever filled there and they were so sweet with her. I was getting my teeth cleaned in the other room and I was afraid I was going to have a panic attack if I couldn't get to her and she started freaking out about the drill. But the next thing I knew, it was over, she had a filling, and she was smiling! I highly recommend this office!" Katie Green
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Hands down, best dentist is Wake County!! From start to finish, a very pleasant experience. It is a breath of fresh air to go to a Dr office and them actually know your name and care about more than just money!! Thanks Apex Smiles...you will always have us as patients!!" Maddie Kingdom
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