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Dental Bridges in Apex and Cary NC

All dental treatments are aimed at preserving natural teeth and soft gum tissues. In the unfortunate event of tooth loss, the dentist recommends replacing the lost tooth/teeth. Teeth restorations aid with biting and chewing functions and improve oral health. A dental professional is the best person to explain the importance of replacing a lost tooth. Among the many restorations in dentistry, dental bridges are recommended because of their functional benefits. Dental bridges in Cary, NC can replace one or more teeth. They are more stable when compared to removable dentures. The bridge can be supported by natural teeth or by dental implants. With proper oral care, dental bridges can last for about 15 years. It is important for patients to follow the instructions provided by the dentist to protect the restoration. If you have queries regarding dental bridges, make an appointment with our dentist. We have successfully created healthy smiles for many of our patients who live in Apex, Cary NC and surrounding communities using our dental bridges.

Importance of Dental Bridges in Apex and Cary, NC

A lost tooth can cause a number of problems. If the cause for tooth loss is a dental infection, the bacteria can spread to other teeth and cause more serious problems. Tooth loss can affect a person’s speech and the ability to bite and chew food. The gap in the dentition leads to an imbalance in bite forces. This pushes the nearby teeth towards the gap leading to malocclusion. Dental bridges in Cary, NC can avoid some of these problems and effectively aid the patient with biting and chewing functions. They can replace one or more teeth in a row. A conventional bridge comprises of a false tooth/teeth that replace the lost tooth/teeth and one or more anchoring crowns to support them.

Treatment Procedure of Dental Bridges in Apex and Cary, NC

Restoring lost tooth/teeth using dental bridge is a two-phase procedure. The first phase involves preparation of natural teeth and the second phase involves fixing the bridge over the prepared teeth. Teeth preparation is where some portion of natural teeth is removed to make space for supporting crowns. This is done with the help of local anesthesia.

The dentist takes impressions of prepared teeth and creates temporary bridge at our office. Patients should take care to follow instructions when living with temporaries. The permanent bridge is fabricated in the lab using appropriate dental materials. The dentist removes temporaries and cleans the area before fixing permanent ones.

Are you planning to replace your lost tooth with dental bridges in Apex and Cary, NC? Call us and meet our dentist at Apex for a dental bridge consultation.

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Absolutely love the staff and. Dr. Chirnalli ! Moved here about 2 years ago and so happy I decided to come here and have since. Clean Environment and very happy people to assist you always friendly and happy to assist you! I had cavities done and no pain, my bf had a root canal and had absolutely no pain which is was really happy about. Dr. Chirnalli makes sure you are happy and very comfortable before doing a procedure which I appreciate!! Go to this practice you will not regret it! " Nellie Cornejo
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I am normally one of those anxious people who go to the dentist, but at Apex Smiles I did not feel this way. Everyone there is great and very calming. They explain everything they are going to do before they do it. I really loved going here and have finally found a dentist office in Apex that I will go back to!! " Caity Paez
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I used to hate going to the dentist, but it really doesn't bother me anymore. Dr. Chirnalli and staff are great. They are very friendly and really get to know you. I have had wisdom teeth removed, cavities filled, and some cosmetic work is done, all pain-free and no problems. They always give me a printout of how much a procedure will cost with my insurance, and I really appreciate that because it helps to budget what we need to get done. I highly recommend Apex Smiles!!" Shanna Westaway
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I have been going to Apex Smiles for over two years now and couldn't be happier. The hygienist there, Allison is so welcoming and makes a trip to the dentist fun. She always cleans my teeth without hurting my mouth or gums which are a huge plus! Dr. Chirnalli is also very welcoming as the whole office makes me feel at home. Easy trip to the dentist? What more could you ask for?" Bill Maton
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