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Root Canal Treatment in Apex and Cary NC

Root canal treatment is recommended when a dentist finds out the pulp of a tooth is infected. The pulp of the tooth gets infected when a tooth is broken or when there is a large cavity. The root canal procedure involves the removal of infected pulp and restoration of the tooth using appropriate materials. So why is it important to undergo root canal treatment? How can it help improve oral health? Our dentist answers all such questions of patients during the consultation. The write-up provides an overview of the root canal procedure and helps patients take an informed decision. Make an appointment with our dentist to know more about root canal procedure performed at our Apex, NC office. Our treatment has helped improve oral health of our valuable patients from Apex, Cary and surrounding communities of North Carolina.

The Need for Root Canal Treatment in Apex and Cary NC:


A natural tooth comprises of the pulp, the dentin and the enamel. The pulp chamber has nerves and blood vessels that supply nutrients to the tooth. Bacterial infection of natural tooth leads to the formation of caries. The bacteria feed on sugary food and release acids that demineralize enamel, causing the formation of caries. When caries grows large enough to cross enamel and reach the dentin and pulp, the bacteria start to inflame the soft tissues. The infection of pulp can cause more serious dental problems. The bacteria can spread the infection through tooth root and cause a tooth abscess. The decay may also spread to other teeth through the root of the infected tooth. In the rare cases, the infection can spread through blood stream and cause more serious health problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Root Canal Therapy in Apex and Cary NC:

Studying the symptoms and diagnosis has a key role in deciding if a root canal procedure is required. The most common symptoms that may indicate that a root canal process is required are mild to a severe toothache, swelling of gums and individually darkened tooth. There are other indications that only a trained dental professional can notice. A dentist may also take X-rays to check the status of pulp. If found that the pulp is infected the dentist may recommend root canal treatment in Apex and Cary NC and explain its need.

Root canal is performed with the help of local anesthesia. The dentist firstly makes an opening in the tooth surface to reach the pulp. The infected pulp is removed and the root canal is cleaned using appropriate dental instruments. After thoroughly cleaning the chamber, the dentist uses core build-up material and filling material to fill the area. The tooth is then covered with a dental crown to protect it from further damage.

Are you suffering from a toothache? Make an appointment and meet our dentist at the earliest for root canal treatment in Apex and Cary NC. We perform thorough oral check up and recommend a solution at our Apex office to relieve you from pain.

In our patient's words

I recently moved to Apex from San Francisco. I'm usually not a fan of the dentist, so much so that I had made a point to see my dentist in San Fran when I traveled back there because I knew she was relatively painless. Decided to see Dr. Chirnalli after I took my son there for his cleaning. I've had my teeth cleaned, gotten fillings and a crown. He does great work and is very personable. All the staff from Jean, the receptionist, to the different hygienists are super sweet. Because I was so happy with his preventative and necessary care, I decided to get some cosmetic stuff done (in office whitening and a couple of veneers) and I LOVE IT! My smile has never looked better. Everyone in Dr. Chirnalli's office is awesome. I highly recommend them!" Jennifer Dilley
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Apex Smiles is awesome! They are so professional and have a great staff. Dr. Chirnalli is easy to talk to and truly cares about his patients. Dental Hygienist Allison is excellent. She does such a thorough job and makes me feel comfortable every time I come in. Apex Smiles is truly the best dental office I've been to... ever!" Danielle Sturm
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I love Dr. Chirnalli and all of the people who work in the office! They are extremely welcoming and polite. They make you feel comfortable during procedures. I've had a root canal and some fillings, as well as routine cleanings and everything went smoothly. Great dentist!" Tammy Johanssen
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Dr. Chirnalli and his staff are great. I'm one of those people who does not like going to the dentist at all, so much so that I haven't been in a very long time. I've made a promise to myself to start going regularly and am very glad to have found Apex smiles for that reason. The doctor and his staff do great work. They are very good at explaining everything they are going to do and are conscious of the fact that not everyone wants to be paying an arm and a leg for dental care. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in search of a great dentist. " Dan Thomann
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