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I am very pleased with and greatful for the dental services you and your team have provided to save my teeth- and improve my smile. As you know, i came to your office for a second opinion. My former dentist and the restorative dentist and implant specialist she referred me to had recommended an expensive option that i did not want: pulling my existing upper teeth and replacing them with a combination of implants and dentures. i was so happy when you said you could save my teeth.it has been a lengthy process, and to be honest, it has not always been fun. But i have been consistently impressed by your skill and greatful for the kindness and good humor of you and your staff. Thanks to the fine work of you and your assistants, my mouth now feels healthier and my smile looks prettier than they have for a very long time. Best wishes to you and your staff

Judith D

I was unhappy with the appearance with my smile for years, and i consulted many cosmetic dentists until i found Dr.Chirnalli after moving to Apex from Florida. After my intial consult, i knew Dr.Chirnalli was the right dentist to perform the work based on knowledge and expertise in the latest procedure of cosmetic dentistry. From the very beginning, i felt secure with Dr.Chirnalli and his friendly staff, and i knew i made the right decision. The end result was remarkable. his skillful work has given me the natural smile i have always wanted, and i couldn't be happier!

Lisa K

Dr.Chirnalli and his team provide excellent professional services. he is very talented and knowledgeable of his craft which he performs with the passion of an artist. he aims for perfection. the staff are very polite and friendly. walking into his practice is like going to visit friends. i would recommend Dr.Chirnalli's practice to anyone with the dental issue. i am sure they will find professional, friendly and cost-effective service. thank you Dr.Chirnalli, keep up the excellent work.

Mariam K

This is just to let you know how pleased I am with my new smile. You met all of my expectations and more. Most of all, my smile is so natural that people are not quite sure what I had done, but have noticed something different about me. I knew that I needed some work done due to my teeth being very short and worn. You gave me the confidence that I needed which was so important. And now my smile shows confidence. My smile no doubt is perfect. You are a definite compliment to your profession and are very fortunate to have someone of your caliber.

Shawn D

What can I say I had not seen a dentist in 20 years and the first time I got in your chair I was scared. I have to say, by the time you were done my filling I felt very comfortable. Then when you started telling me that you could make my smile perfect I really got nervous (Ha Ha) only a little, after my crown lengthening I was amazed at the difference but when you did my veneers I was speechless , there is not a day that goes by that someone does not notice my incredible smile. My confidence has improved greatly. I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me. You make me smile.

Kristine R

Dear Dr. Chirnalli – I have wanted to write this note for some time, but circumstances have kept me from doing so, and I apologize for my inaction. When you first did dental work on me, capping a molar, I was impressed with the care, attention to detail, and the professionalism that you showed in that procedure. It fit perfectly. Then when my upper denture broke and to be replaced, I could not imagine the result of your work would be anything more than a replacement for what I lost. Instead you created a denture that enhanced my smile and appearance. Iam eternally grateful for that result. You are truly a credit to your profession, and in my opinion the finest dentist ever to practice in north country . May the future be as bright for you as you have made it for me with my smile.

Glen R E

Are you seeking an attractive yet natural looking smile? See Dr. Chirnalli. His professional expertise in cosmetic dentistry is the answer to your long awaited winning smile.

Dr. Chirnalli addresses one’s concerns and takes the time needed that will adequately inform the client in the decision making process. He is conscientious and meticulous in his work, gentle in his approach. Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to him. He and his staff are most caring and supportive. Surely your new smile will affirm that you have made a sensible and worth while decision (that will positively impact your demeanor on a daily basis). Thank you, Dr. Chirnalli.

Madeline J

I am 76 years old desperately hanging onto teeth that would challenge any dentist. Passing through two communities with dental services I drive 100 miles round trip to have Dr. Chirnalli work on my teeth. I am so impressed with the quality of his work that I have persuaded my sister and a friend to join me in this long trek, Dr. Chirnalli is gentle, on target in analysis, patient in communicating to patients.

Joyce M

I can honestly say that I have never encountered a dentist with such a wealth of knowledge in the field of dentistry. I found Dr. Chirnalli to be a person of integrity, along with his rich background in modern dentistry, he is someone who immediately makes you feel at ease. He possesses many qualities that make him perfect for his profession, he is very dedicated caring, compassionate, courteous, friendly, kind, gentle in his approach, funny, accommodating, and very efficient, he is up to par with the newest dental procedures and techniques.

On numerous occasions, when problem arose he made time for me, and even gave me his home phone number to reach him at any time if I had a concern or a question regarding an emergency procedure. He made six crowns to perfection, I believe that there are few dentists of his caliber.

In summary I believe Dr. Chirnalli is surpassed by none,when it comes to the qualifications a patient would like to find while searching for a new dentist. God be with you.

Sister Lorraine P

Thank you so much for my new smile! I am so pleased with the way my teeth look. I know the work I had done was all for cosmetic reasons, but I am a sales representative for an international publishing firm and I work with the public everyday. Having nice teeth and a pretty smile is, in my opinion, extremely important when meeting new clients and making a good first impression. And now, because of your skill and expertise, I have the winning smile I always caveted. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you spent on me to ensure I love my “new look”.

Grace R

Very satisfied with Dr. Chirnalli’s work. I have been using him for around 6 years and have always enjoyed dealing with him.

Ryan C

I have enjoyed very much your whole office staff as well as your very professional and excellent dentistry. Enjoyed is not a word usually used to describe a visit to the dentist , but I can use it! From the oral surgery to the broken tooth repair, I am extremely satisfied and pleased.

John P

Dr. Chirnalli is an excellent, caring and compassionate dentist.

Josephine M

Although Dr. Chirnalli has been my dentist for only one year, he provided me with results which I had been seeking for many years and had not found from any other dentist. Not only did he restore my teeth, but his kind and humors nature made pleasurable the many hours I spent with him in the chair.

Paul W Handlen

I am extremely happy with my new smile, it was a long process more than what I had expected, but I knew that I had much dental work to be done before the cosmetic work and it needed to be done properly. I am so happy that I had the crown lengthening as the end results are beautiful. Your work is excellent and you make sure that the end result is perfect.

I find that I stand taller when I walk and look directly at people when I talk to them instead of dropping my head down like before. I did this totally for myself, it has been such a boost for my self-esteem.

Colette Goodwin

Dr. Chirnalli is always very professional and did a great job taking care of me and my family’s teeth. He always greeted us with a smile and especially with my daughter. She was terrified to receive an injection in her gums, but Dr. Chirnalli demonstrated tons of patience. He loves his profession and his patients.

Richard Huot

Dr. Chirnalli does a complete careful job with much consideration for his patients. He has a great sense of humor and a very pleasant manner.

David T

From the first day I met Dr. Chirnalli I have felt at ease. He makes sure that I am comfortable at all times. It is great to go to the dentist and not have pain. I can say that it actually been enjoyable when I have an appointment. He has a great sense of humor.

I was very nervous about having the two upper bridges that I needed, but Dr.Chirnallli took the time to explain everything that he would be doing. I felt very comfortable about having it done. I now have a great smile. He is friendly and a fantastic dentist.

Janet G

Dr. Chirnalli is a very courteous, friendly, conscientious, and professional dentist. He is thorough and clearly knows what he is doing, but takes the time to explain what is going on.

Patrick M

I’ve been through several dental procedures over the past few years and Dr. Chirnalli and his staff have been helpful to me in making the right choices for myself. Iam always greeted like a friend rather than a client.

Elaine B

His work and skills are excellent, and yet he is meticulous, taking the time and patience do it right, I believe that his dental philosophy is to caution on the conservative side to do everything possible to save a natural tooth when extraction might be an easier option. This philosophy I find most encouraging. A major factor in his practice is his warmth and friendliness which promotes confidence and trust. As a patient, it is obvious that he has earned the admiration and respect of his fellow dentists and technical staff.

John K R

You have saved my teeth and feel I gained some friends who helped me get thru a hard time. I never felt too uncomfortable and always felt I was in good hands. Every aspect of my treatment was positive.

Joanie K

I am very happy with the work you did. I wanted to have my teeth fixed for a lot of years and it’s because of you I am doing it. Whereever you go I will come there to get my dental work done.

Misty T

You are kind, gentle and very good at your job. You made all the work I needed done a comfortable experience and thank you, you also did not make me feel uncomfortable starting all the work I needed I mean I did not take care of my teeth till you, and thanks again for all you have done for my smile.

Vickie T

I have had many dentists in my 72 years and Dr. Chirnalli is by far the best dentist I have ever had. He does excellent work, takes his time, and is a very compassionate dentist. I have not yet had any trouble with any of his work. When I leave his office, I know I have had the very best work a dentist can provide.

Ann P

I have found Dr. Chirnalli to be exceptionally skilled, diligent and dedicated to the highest standards of excellence. The work he did for me was far beyond expectations. He took the extra time and effort to make sure everything was perfect.

Arthur C

Thank you so much for my new smile! I am so pleased with the way my teeth look. I know the work I had done was all for cosmetic reasons, but I am a sales representative for an international publishing firm and I work with the public everyday. Having nice teeth and a pretty smile is, in my opinion, extremely important when meeting new clients and making a good first impression. And now, because of Dr. Chirnalli’s skill and expertise, I have the winning smile I always coveted. I truly appreciate all the time and effort he spent on me to ensure I love my “new look”.

Grace R.

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