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5 Health Benefits of Dental Bridges

You might have heard a lot about dental bridges as an effective dental treatment. This is especially beneficial when you have missing teeth. Dental bridge is a procedure where a dentist places an artificial tooth in the vacant space. It anchors it with crowns on either side of your original teeth. It gives a totally natural look and feel and hence you will not find any difference with dental bridges and false teeth. In our previous blog, we have explained 7 popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in Cary NC. However, do you know how dental bridges can be helpful to you? Let’s see what a leading dentist will have to say about these dental prostheses.

5 Benefits of Dental Bridges in Cary NC:

  1. Convenience in Chewing:

    With missing teeth, chewing will be inconvenient and you will not be able to eat everything you used to. You might need to alter your food patterns and menu to avoid discomfort. With dental bridges in Cary NC, you will be able to eat normally allowing for right digestion.

  2. Better Speaking Ability:

    With missing teeth, speaking in public might be a challenge. You can also face difficulty in pronouncing a few words. You might utter staggered sentences and your speech can suffer. Dental bridges resolve this issue by treating the tooth loss.

  3. Restoring Your Beautiful Smile:

    The other benefit that dental bridges bring forth is restoring your natural smile. If you tried to hide your smile in public, then dental bridges can improve your self-esteem. Enhance your quality of life with dental bridges. However, the results of dental bridges are accurate only when you visit a reputed and certified dental office in Apex NC.

  4. No More Misaligned Teeth:

    With missing teeth, the neighboring teeth begin shifting into this open space. This makes your entire teeth alignment out of shape, even if you have undergone any orthodontic treatment in the recent past. You also endure disproportionate smiles, thereby affecting your public image. Dental bridge helps here by ensuring your teeth are held in the right positions. This also helps in retaining the natural facial contour.

  5. Enhance Jawbone Health:

    With missing teeth, jawbone health starts to deteriorate. As the tooth root acts as anchor to hold the bone together and keep it strong, losing tooth leads to weakening of jawbone. Dental bridges, supported by dental implants, help in improving jawbone. The dental implant in Cary NC acts as a natural tooth root thereby helping the health of the jawbone.


If you are interested in talking about or knowing more about dental bridge in Cary NC from a leading dentist, get in touch with Dr. Vinay Chirnalli. Visit the right dental clinic to be rest-assured of a 100% effective dental bridges procedure.

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