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Everything to Know About Emergency Dental Implants

When one suddenly loses a tooth or experiences immense toothache then they need immediate dental help. The pain in the tooth or the loss of tooth can be due to many reasons. This includes the biggest reason of them all: negligence.

Immediate help in the form of an emergency dentist is the most recommended action. To help save your tooth and bring back your smile, emergency dentists will perform emergency dental implants. In our previous blog, we have explained about 7 reasons you need to visit an emergency dentist in Cary NC. Read on to discover more information regarding emergency dental implants from below.

What is an Emergency Dental Implant?

An emergency dental implant is placed immediately after the fracture or knock out of a tooth by an emergency dentist in Cary NC. The standard technique for affixing emergency implants followed in our dental clinic.

Procedure Involved in Emergency Dental Implant Placement:

The tooth is removed first. Then the post is inserted in the empty socket. Afterwards, a temporary crown is installed. Once the implant has been affixed and connected to the jawbone, a permanent crown is implanted. Implant dentistry in Cary NC will help you transition from having missing teeth to getting a restored smile. These implants are typically utilized to replace the visible teeth which are missing.

An Eligible Individual for Emergency Dental Implants:

Not everyone is eligible for immediate emergency dental implants. Good bone mass in the jaw, healthy existing teeth, healthy gums, and good health are some of the variables that determine your eligibility. Also, those who have damaged or lost teeth are likely to have a healthy mouth since gum disease or bone decay has not yet bothered them.

Who Is Not Eligible to Get Emergency Dental Implants?

Those individuals suffering from the following are ineligible: Periodontitis, tooth deterioration, and those with symptoms of infection do not qualify.

4 Emergency Situation You Need Dental Implants in Cary NC:

  1. It Protects Against Bone Loss, Gum Decay, and Infection:

    Since the emergency implants provide you with a new tooth right away, your gum health and jaw strength are preserved. Emergency dental implants in the aesthetic region will increase your self-esteem and give you a better smile.

  2. Cuts Down on Future Dental Work:

    Delaying your emergency dental implant may result in additional dental appointments and surgeries later on. Taking care of it right away saves time and money.

  3. Prevents Adjacent Teeth From Moving:

    If a tooth socket remains unfilled for an extended period, your neighboring teeth may shift into this space, necessitating more dental care. A dental implant in Cary NC will secure all of your teeth. It requires less time to treat. You will not have to wait for the next stage because emergency dental implants are performed quickly.

  4. Allows You to Chew Meals More Effortlessly:

    Having an implant in your mouth will improve your chewing. This enhances the capacity of individuals when it comes to enjoyment of food.

Who Runs the Finest Dental Clinic Cary NC?

Find a good dental office in Apex NC like Apex Smiles to meet your cosmetic and family dentistry needs. Dr. Vinay N Chirnalli and the team he efficiently leads at Apex Smiles offer good dental care, especially during times of emergencies. Dr. Vinay N Chirnalli is the finest dentist Apex NC and Cary NC. They provide the best emergency implant dentistry services. Head to our website of Apex Smiles to discover more details about the treatment options they provide. Call us at 919-380-8888 to arrange for an appointment with Dr. Vinay N Chirnalli at Apex Smiles.

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