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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Tips

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Tips

In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has gained popularity among more and more people. Many people are visiting a cosmetic dentist to achieve a brighter smile which they were not blessed with. With the application of modern technology, cosmetic dentists have greatly expanded the range of cosmetic dentistry options. As a result, there are various options that can help you achieve a beautiful smile. Here we will be discussing a range of services that are generally offered at a dental office in Apex NC. Understanding more about the dental services will help you to be prepared before visiting a cosmetic dentist in Apex NC.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are suggested when a patient's front teeth are discolored or misshapen or when there is a gap between the teeth. Dental veneers are tiny shells that are bonded to the front teeth in order to enhance the smile. Transforming a smile with the application of thin shells (dental veneers) requires good skills.

Tooth-colored fillings

This procedure is also called white fillings as it involves fillings that can restore and mimic the natural look of your tooth structure. It not only restores the tooth that is decayed or fractured but can also be used to change the shape, size and color of the teeth.

Dental Braces

Dental braces treatment can help align or straighten the teeth that are misaligned. While also used to correct malocclusions, bite issues and various other flaws associated with the teeth and jaw. Once these issues are fixed you can be proud and feel comfortable about your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Over the time, teeth get discolored and stained due to a number of factors including drinking tea, coffee and soda. Teeth whitening is a better option to help whiten your teeth in most of the instances. There are various brands that can help you whiten the teeth, but it should be noted that a cosmetic dentist in Apex NC will help you in providing a more chemically balanced whitening procedure that can whiten your teeth faster. Not only will the teeth whitening procedure provide faster results, but the effect of the procedure will last for a longer period of time. The whitening options generally used in today's cosmetic dentistry procedures are laser whitening and chemical whitening. Your cosmetic dentist may also provide you with a teeth whitening kit which can be used at home.

Dental bonding

In this process, a composite resin is used to provide a good shape to the front teeth. With the help of bonding materials, you can easily get your misshapen, chipped teeth and disfigured teeth reshaped to a naturally looking smile. Usually, this procedure can be completed in just one dental visit to your dental office.

If you are looking to improve the look of your smile, you can consider one of the above procedures to call our dental office in Apex NC today and book an appointment.

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