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5 Common Types of Dental Emergencies

When there is an accident at home, you rush to the emergency room. But what do you do when you fall and lose a tooth? Then you need to rush to a dental emergency room. Emergency dentists will aid you immediately. In our previous blog, we have explained 3 different types of dental emergencies for cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC. However, many types of dental emergencies can occur without warnings, there are emergency dentists who can help with problems related to dental crowns and dental implants. Implements like dental veneers and denture can help restore your smile without flaws.

5 Common Dental Emergencies That Need Care on the Same Day by an Emergency Dentist in Cary NC:

  1. Cracked or Chipped Teeth:

    Tooth can suddenly crack or chip due to various reasons like eating hard food, accidental fall, or while playing. Clenching and grinding can also cause sudden tooth cracks and chips on your dental crowns in Cary NC. In this situation, it is always best to get in touch with your emergency dentist.

  2. Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth:

    An accident like a fall on your face can cause teeth to get loose. A hit with a ball can even knock out a tooth. If a tooth has gotten loose it should be kept in the socket by biting it gently. If the tooth is out of the mouth then look for it, rinse it and store it in a glass of milk and walk into a dental emergency office immediately.

  3. Unbearable Toothache:

    Infected pulp or some foodstuff stuck in between one's teeth can cause toothache. This needs immediate attention, visit a dental office to solve it immediately. If you live in Apex then call a dental office in Apex NC. If your teeth are super infected, emergency dentists may consider root canal therapy.

  4. Injury Inside the Mouth Especially the Soft Tissues:

    Lips, tongue, gums, and inner cheeks are considered soft tissues. When any of these get injured it is always better to call your emergency dentist. The common soft tissue injuries are punctures, cuts, tears, or even lacerations.

  5. Missing or Loose Dental Restoration:

    Temporary restorations like the dental bridge in Cary NC can also get loose and fall out. This can happen even with permanent restorations. This cannot wait a night, it should be treated inside the dental emergency room only.


Get help immediately as soon as a dental emergency occurs. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Cary NC, then Apex Smiles would be the best place to walk. Dr. Vinay Chirnalli and the team offer services ranging from emergency dentistry, dental bridges, dental crowns, and many more. Dr. Vinay Chirnalli is the best dentist Apex NC and Cary NC. Call us at 919-380-8888 to discover more. Get yourself a dental Bridge or other dental procedures by visiting Apex Smiles.

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