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Types and Benefits of Dental Bridges in Cary NC

4 Types and Benefits of Dental Bridges | Cary NC

Reaching out to the best dentist in town is always important for availing any dental services. Dental bridges are no exceptions. In our previous blog, we have explained three categories of cosmetic dentistry in Cary, NC. However, proper research can help you reach out to the best dental practitioner in Cary NC.

What is Dental Bridges?

It is a pontic held between two abutment teeth. Pontic is made from a variety of materials such as porcelain, alloys, gold or combination of these. If you have missing teeth due to congenital condition, injury, tooth decay or gum disease, you can get the dental bridge that can help you with the right distribution of the bite force, restore your smile and intercept neighboring teeth drift away from the natural position.

How do Dental Bridges work in Cary NC?

Dental bridges bridge the gap between teeth with the help of dental crowns in Cary NC which are placed on both sides of missing teeth supporting false teeth and then cemented in that place.

4 Types of Dental Bridges in Cary NC and How They Work:

  1. Traditional Bridge

    The most familiar and basic dental bridge is a standard fixed bridge. It has two or more dental crown or implant crowns with a false tooth in between. These are manufactured from either porcelain material or ceramics blended to metal.

  2. Cantilever Bridge

    If you have adjacent teeth on only one side of the missing tooth, cantilever bridge is used but it's not recommended anymore as it can put extra bite force on the supporting crown tooth. Here pontics connect to only one abutment tooth.

  3. Maryland Bonded Bridges

    It is the most commonly used resin bonded bridge for the missing front teeth. This is made from either ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. This framework is held up by wings which are present on the sides of the bridge connected to your teeth.

  4. Implant Supported Bridge

    As the name suggests, the bridge is firmly fastened by one or more implants. It requires surgery to place the implant into your jawbone. Normally, up to six months is required for the implant to attach with the jawbone to heal. This Dental implant in Cary NC is made of titanium that has the property to bind to the bone and living tissues.

Benefits of Dental Bridges:

The four benefits of dental bridges in Cary NC are as follows:

  1. Help you restore your natural look and give you a nice smile.
  2. Restore your chewing process and help you chew better and effectively.
  3. Restore your speaking ability.
  4. Maintain your normal facial structure by restricting bone loss from the jaw.


For the best dental bridges in Cary NC, reach out to Apex Smiles where Dr. Vinay Chirnalli practices. They provide comprehensive care to the patients and help them make better decisions in terms of dental bridges and any dental services. To gather more details regarding appointments or to submit patient contact forms, consider visiting our website. For more information call us at 919-380-8888 and schedule an appointment today.

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